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Commercial planning permission: What you need to know

When do you need commercial planning permission? If you own a commercial property and you are seeking to extend or…

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Commercial tenant not paying rent?: What you should do

There are few situations which are less ideal for a commercial landlord than that of a commercial tenant not paying…

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Joint Venture Investment: How can it be used to buy commercial property?

Joint venture investment: what is it? If you are considering purchasing or developing a commercial property, you might want to…

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Quarter Rent Days: What are they?

If you rent or lease a property or are considering doing so, you might be wondering exactly when to collect…

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Commercial property deed: What does it contain?

A vital part of any commercial property agreement is the deed itself, so it is essential that every commercial landlord…

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Commercial building plans: What do they include?

As a commercial landlord it is important to have a sound knowledge of commercial building plans and how they differ…

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Can you live in a commercial property?

Living in commercial property may be something that most of us have never considered, but its popularity as a housing…

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How is a commercial landlord responsible for electrical safety?

As a commercial landlord you have a legal duty of care to any commercial tenants who lease your property. By…

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