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What special considerations have to be made when managing freehold commercial property?

When managing a commercial property, one of the first decisions you’ll make when deciding on a premises for your business…

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Commercial Landlord Responsibilities – What You Need to Know Before Investing

In this article we look at what are commercial landlord responsibilities and what you need to know before investing in…

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How to Go About Renovating Empty Commercial Property

What to consider before renovating empty commercial property Due to foreclosure, abandonment or a lack of maintenance, you can often…

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What to Look for When Taking out a Commercial Property Mortgage

What is a commercial property mortgage? A commercial mortgage - also known as a business property mortgage - is used…

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What to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Property

What is a commercial property? Before investing in commercial property, it's important to understand the definition of a commercial property.…

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Commercial Epc: April 2018 Changes Explained

What is a commercial EPC? A commercial energy performance certificate - or EPC - tells you how energy efficient a…

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What Are the Contents of a Commercial Lease Agreement?

What is a commercial lease agreement? A commercial lease agreement is a contract or agreement between the landlord and tenant…

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What Happens When a Commercial Lease Expires?

Any commercial building, whether an office, shop or restaurant, requires a commercial lease between the landlord and tenant. If your…

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